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eBay Motors Blasted By Negative Article In Automotive News

eBay Motors Loosing Traction

Automotive News author Richard Truett published an article titled “Why eBay Motors is losing traction” yesterday. This is a good article about the current state of eBay Motors telling of late model automobiles just sitting in their virtual showrooms hardly…
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Don’t Sell Your Car On eBay Motors Buyers Extort Money Back!

ebay feedback extortion

This car was bought from a Florida seller about a year ago and shipped to Canton OH. The buyer is a collector car enthusiast – and as it usually is when you are in the car business – it’s common…
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Review Of eBay Motors Kuwait Export Car Buyer Fraud

Kuwait eBay Motors Car Buyer Scammed Website Traffic From Kuwait

Today I noticed a lot of website traffic from Kuwait looking at an article i wrote back in March 2013 about a Kuwaiti export car buyer that was scammed out of $23K on eBay Motors. eBay Motors Management has no idea…
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Watch Out For Undisclosed RUST On Northern Vehicles!

Beware Of Undercarriage Rust

In just one year rust can do a number on the undercarriages of northern vehicles, or cars trucks etc operated on or near a beach. Add a few years to that figure and there can be major damage done. Frame…
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