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Why Do People Buy Cars Out-Of-State Without An Inspection?

used car purchased out-of-state no inspection

Buying a used car out-of-state without having it inspected is a foolish buying decision. This is especially true for automobiles with salvage or rebuilt titles. Another unhappy car buyer is crying the blues over this 2016 Chevy Malibu that was…
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Doc’s Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Guide

Car Buying Guide Vehicle Inspection

This car buying internet guide is the most informative in depth article ever published about motor vehicle buying and selling. Authored by a retired used car dealer. Doc will guide you through the process for a smooth rewarding experience! There…
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eBay Motors Sucks Blog 15th Anniversary

Doc, a retired used car dealer and former eBay motors PowerSeller, offers his car buying and selling Internet advice. As it usually turns out, that bargain car found online, was no bargain! This website is dedicated to educating consumers how…
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